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School Day

8:30am School gates open - Children may arrive from this time but remain the responsibility of the parents/ carers. Morning Nursery starts.
8:40am Doors open- Children can come into their classrooms
8:48am Start of school day- the children need to be in school for this time so they are not late for registration. Children arriving after this time must be signed in for health and safety reasons.
8:50am Registration
8:55am Assembly
9:15am Morning session starts
10:15am Playtime
10:30am End of playtime
10:40am Morning session continues
11:30am Reception lunch time starts.
11:30am Morning Nursery hometime
11:50am Year 1 lunch time starts
12:00pm Year 2 -6 lunchtime starts
12:30pm Afternoon Nursery session starts
12:30pm Reception Afternoon session starts
1:00pm Year 2 and 3 Afternoon session starts
3:15pm All children home time- Reception and Year 1 dismissal starts from 3.10 to allow parents time to collect from other exits.
3.30pm Afternoon Nursery finishes

At the start of the day, a member of staff is available in the playground to talk to parents and take messages for class teachers.

The school day starts with an activity for the children to do in the classroom. They then go to assembly. After assembly they do Literacy skills sessions such as reading, grammar, spelling and phonics.

During the rest of the morning they will do reading, writing and Maths. All other subjects will be taught through the week in afternoon sessions.

At the end of the day, children need to be collected from the designated playground promptly. Children should be collected by adults who are on their collection list and are over the age of 17.

Nursery Sessions

8:30am - 11:30am Nursery Morning session
12:30pm - 3:30pm Nursery Afternoon session
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