We care, we trust, we believe. We share, we enjoy, we achieve.

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Our Values

All of our policies reflect our Christian values which underpin everything we do in school:

We care

Our school is a caring community with a family atmosphere. We achieve this through respect for one another and the world around us, treating others as we would wish to be treated, and working co-operatively. As an inclusive community everyone is valued and nurtured equally regardless of gender, race, religion, colour or disability. There is a clear understanding of what it means to be a valued as an individual, and how we work together as part of the school family.

We trust

Our school is a safe place. We provide a stimulating, safe and happy environment where everyone is encouraged and motivated to learn. We achieve this through our committed approach in all we do.

We believe

Our school welcomes and celebrates our diverse community. This helps us to understand each other, and respect each other's beliefs and cultures. We develop children's spirituality through daily worship and by celebrating together. We are proud of our links with St. John's Church and other faith members of the wider community.

We share

Our school builds positive relationships between children, staff, parents, governors and members of the community. We achieve this by valuing all contributions, encouraging teamwork and celebrating successes together.

We enjoy

Our school builds children's confidence and self-esteem to create a love of learning. We achieve this through a vibrant curriculum with real life learning experiences which reflect the needs and interests of all. We actively praise and reward effort, creativity and success.

We achieve

Our school enables each child to develop in order fulfil their potential, and flourish in a supportive but challenging environment. We know each child well and through our individual tracking of their progress, we offer opportunities which enrich their physical, social, emotional, moral and academic development. We aim to equip children with essential life skills and enhance their personal qualities so that they can become successful learners.

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