We care, we trust, we believe. We share, we enjoy, we achieve.

Our School Vision

Halesowen Church of England Primary School was a school built for the local community. Right from the beginning it was an inclusive school built on strong Christian beliefs.  It is our duty to ensure that this deeply Christian core runs through everything we do at Halesowen C of E in the modern day.


We believe children can flourish if they are loved and valued. We have high expectations of everyone because we know they can achieve if someone believes in them. We trust each other and are proud that we are one big family. We care about each and every one of our families. We enjoy the job we do and make school a fun place to be. We share this place Halesowen C of E; a place special to all of us, a place where we can feel safe, a place where we can learn and thrive together.

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