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Head teacher's Update

Our worship theme is 'Treasure' which could seem quite unusual as a focus. We spoke in assembly on Monday about the word 'treasure' and what it means. Obviously the children started by talking about money, jewels and precious stones. They moved away from that quite quickly when we looked at the second dictionary definition: keep carefully (a valuable or valued item). The children then started talking about their best friend or their family, indeed Dominic talked this morning about the 'people' being the treasure of the church when he told the story of St. Lawrence in Roman times.

I know many of you this weekend will be visiting bonfire and firework events over the weekend so I think it's important to think about the 'treasure' of your family and friends; to enjoy yourselves, but to look out for each other at the same time - so that we can all come back to school safely on Monday


Attendance for 16/10/2017- 20/10/2017

Class Attendance %
Year 1 98.6%
Year 2 96.3%
Year 3 97.7%
Year 4 97.0%
Year 5 95.5%
Year 6 97.7%
Our overall attendance was 97.2%
The class winners were Year 1


School Photos

The school photographer will be in school on: Thursday 9th November

Photographs will be taken during the school day for individual children and siblings where all children attend the school or Nursery.

If your child has a younger or older sibling who does not attend our school, you may come in from 8.30am for a family photograph on the day. Afternoon Nursery parents with younger siblings can come in at 12.30 pm

Please do not come in before school if all of your children attend school or nursery as sibling groups will be taken in the day

Dinner Money

School meals are provided by Dudley Catering. The payment you make for meals is made directly to them. School facilitate this and support the catering staff. It is becoming an ever increasing problem that people are not paying for dinners on the day they require them. If dinner money is not sent Dudley catering may only provide a sandwich and may not provide anything at all. We have been asked by the kitchen staff to request that all meals are paid for on the morning or in advance. Please do not be offended if we telephone you to ask you to bring money in before lunchtime. It is a safeguarding issue if you are not providing a lunch for your child and will be logged on a school safeguarding system.


We are just finalising some of the dates for Christmas. Please keep checking on the website in the diary section over the next week.


This is a space on the newsletter where we can share with you things we have been doing in school

Football Team

Well done to the following children who will be representing us in the school football team on Monday: Lewis, Marcus, Hashem, Ghaleb, Corey, Luyanda, Spartak and Tak

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