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Head teacher's Update

We had a fantastic time with Year 6 last weekend at PGL. The children again behaved immaculately and were a credit to you and our school. Many of them overcame anxieties about heights or water or even just being away from home - it was wonderful to see.

Yesterday I popped in to our new Reception class to say hello and sing a song with them in preparation for our 'Reception Welcome Assembly' on Monday; already they look like a really nice class full of interesting characters to add to our school. I'll look forward to presenting an assembly with them on Monday.

Our worship theme is 'Friendship':

Friends show their love in times of trouble not happiness.' - Euripides

Well done to the following children who have received the 'Star of the Week' award this week:

Year 1: Reagan Swift
Year 2: Noori Almarsoomi
Year 3: Tajenae Wallen
Year 4: Daniel Jackson
Year 5: Hanan Ghaleb
Year 6: Xiang Yu Chen


Attendance for 18/09/2017- 22/09/2017

Class Attendance %
Year 1 98.9%
Year 2 94.9%
Year 3 97.4%
Year 4 92.9%
Year 5 92.5%
Year 6 97.1%
Our overall attendance was 95.6%
The class winners were Year 1

BURGER & WRAP DAY Thursday 5th October

Dudley Catering Services at Halesowen CE are running a promotion on Thursday 5th October 2017 and there will be a change to our dinner menu. We will be having a themed menu with music for the children to enjoy during their dinner time. We are encouraging all children particularly if they are entitled to receive a free school meal to try out the following: Burger in a Bun, Wraps, (Fish Optional), Spaghetti Hoops, Sweetcorn, Chocolate Crackle Cake, Choc Chip Cookies. If you pay for a hot dinner and you would like your child to try our Burger & Wrap Day, please pay £2.30 in an envelope and post it into the dinner money box on or before Thursday 5th October to ensure that they receive a hot dinner. Thank you

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This is a space on the newsletter where we can share with you things we have been doing in school


On Wednesday last week some of our amazing children from year 5 and 6 went to compete in a wheelchair basketball competition. This was a great opportunity for them as they had the chance to experience what it was like to be a para-Olympian! The children really enjoyed the experience and were thrilled that they won!!! We are so proud of them. Even more pleasing is the positive comments from the organisers who said the children were a credit to the school for how well they behaved and played as a team. We hope to add some photos soon.

WELL DONE- Rahma, Reem, Ameen, Jason, Ghaleb, Maddison, Alexia and Fatima!

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