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Head teacher's Update

It was Children In Need Day today and we've had lots of fun in school. Children came dressed differently with the theme of " Do you thing!". What was really nice was that many of them had expressed themselves with an ambition, so we had children dressed as a teacher or a member of the police force. Children's ambitions can change as they move through school, but having a dream or a goal can really drive their learning in school.

Part of our drive and ambition is to try and be on the front foot when it comes to modern teaching techniques based on the latest research. We were asked to take part in an interview for the Times Educational Supplement two weeks ago with Shirelands Collegiate Academy. Shirelands are the local leaders in the 'Flipped Learning' approach to teaching we are increasingly adopting. Some of you will know about Flipped because your child brings a laptop home. The article is a bit dry in its praise for Flipped Learning, but in our school it has had a real positive effect; it changes the way children see learning. We don't like 'home work', we like 'home learning' - a real skill they can take in to future life.

'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.' - Walt Disney

Well done to the following children who have received the 'Star of the Week' award this week:

Reception: Shane Johnson
Year 1: Lacey Price
Year 2: Makeba Dyer
Year 3: Freya Barton-Downs
Year 4: Isobelle Hall
Year 5: Grace Darby
Year 6: Margarita Malinina


Attendance for 06/11/2017- 10/11/2017

Class Attendance %
Year 1 97.0%
Year 2 96.0%
Year 3 97.8%
Year 4 96.3%
Year 5 94.2%
Year 6 97.7%
Our overall attendance was 96.5%
The class winners were Year 3



Proofs arrived last thing Friday so will be sent out on Monday


This is a space on the newsletter where we can share with you things we have been doing in school


We have had an amazing day celebrating and raising money for Children in Need. It was lovely to see so many children and staff dressed up in their outfits. In assembly we had a dance off. It was supposed to be one winner from each class but some were too amazing to separate. The winners were:

Reception and Nursery: LJ

Year 1 Charlie

Year 2 Amani and Joban

Year 3 Sean

Year 4 Lucca and Wed

Year 5 Chloe and Matthew

Year 6 Tamzin, Montana, Evan and Ameen

Staff- Miss Minogue and Mrs Knowles ( chosen by Tamzin and Montana)

Well done also to all of the school councillors and helpers today who ran the activities. Thankyou to Mrs Potter for orgnaising everything.

Winners from the guess the names of the teddies and guess the sweets will be announced next week.

The pictures above are a small selection of children and adults who dressed up. These children could tell us who they were and why.

In Nursery Beau is Super girl. Rosanna is a leopard because she likes leopards. In Reception Leon is David Bowie- he was even able to sing a David Bowie song. Zac is a vet. He told me his favourite animal is a rhino.

In year 1 Enya was a police lady. She wants to be a police lady because she loves the rabbit police lady in Zootropolis. Regan wants to be a racing driver because they are fast.

In year 2 Tyjan wants to be a fireman to help people in house fires. Nathan wants to be a truck driver.

In year 3 Taliyah wants to be a singer - she was Jessie from Little Mix Also Mohammed wants to be a wrestler

Vanessa in year 4 wants to be a model. She loves wearing crazy stuff and being herself. Ethan wants to be a you tuber. His favourite you tuber is Dan TDM

In year 5 Luyanda dressed in his Man united kit- he wants to be a footballer. Grace made her own skirt. she has ambitions to be a fashion designer and dress maker

Finally in year 6 Evan dressed as a chef,. He wants his our business being a chef. Melody was a teacher but not just any teacher she was Miss Davies!!!

Can you guess what the adults clothes represent!?

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