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Deputy Head teacher's Update

The week started in an exciting way as is often the case here with year 6 flying kites. We have introduced a lesson called "Building Character" In this lesson children have the opportunity to learn new skills, work as a team and of course have fun! Year 6 wanted to make and fly kites( although Miss Davies did buy some back up ones!) Other classes are also doing Building Character lessons- why not ask them what they have done this week?

Also, on Monday we had the pleasure of taking the football team to play in the monthly league we are part of. We didn't win but all of the children had smiles on their faces and showed excellent behaviour

We continued to follow our assembly theme of treasure this week and linked this to Remembrance. Thanks to everyone who donated money for poppies. We had a really thoughtful assembly this morning and had the chance to share learning about remembrance day.

A few lines from Freya and Casie's poem.

"Poppies are red, the sky is blue. Take care as we remember you."

Well done to the following children who have received the 'Star of the Week' award this week:

Reception: Suha Ali
Year 1: Jessica Cooper
Year 2: Tyjan Simpson
Year 3: Lexi Morris
Year 4: Hope Mvika
Year 5: Job Harris
Year 6: Reem Mhmoud


Attendance for 30/10/2017- 03/11/2017

Class Attendance %
Year 1 99.3%
Year 2 92.3%
Year 3 96.3%
Year 4 94.8%
Year 5 98.1%
Year 6 95.5%
Our overall attendance was 96.3%
The class winners were Year 1



Photos this week went really well. The photographer was lovely and managed to get lots of lovely smiles out of the children. The proofs should be with us in 5-7days.


There is no parking available on school site for any parents. We enforce this rule for the safety of the children. With this in mind from Monday we will be locking the gate at the top of the drive on the High Street side of the school . You will still be able to access this side of the school through the key stage 1 playground. This will make this area a little busier so we ask that as soon as you have dropped off/ collected your child/ children you move out of this area. We hope you understand this but we need to ensure no cars are moving on the car park between 8.30 and 9.00 and 3.00 and 3.30. If you arrive late the only access will be via Hales Road down the path .

We also remind you to park carefully in surrounding roads. Public car parks in Halesowen have 1 hour free parking. The school drive on High street should not be blocked at any time.


A letter about Christmas dinner will be coming out on Monday. We need you to return it by the deadline as the kitchen need to place their order for food. We always make the Christmas dinner a fun occasion with party hats, crackers and music so hope as many children as possible try a Christmas dinner

EYFS parents consultations

Parents Consultations will take place on Tuesday 21st November during the day and Wednesday 22nd November 3.30-5.00. Details of how you can book appointments will be shared with you next week.


The theme this year is "Do your thing!"

Children will be able to come to school on Friday 17th November dressed up. In line with the theme this could be dressing as something they want to be when they grow up, dressing in their own unique style, dressing in a colour that represents them, dressing as a famous person they like etc... We are asking that all children donate 50p so they can wear their own clothes. Hair accessories and makeup will be allowed on this day but any jewellery worn must be removed for playtime and dinnertime and we cannot be responsible for it.


Please check out the calendar for important dates coming up


This is a space on the newsletter where we can share with you things we have been doing in school


Well done to the children who represented our school this week in our football matches: Marcus, Hashem, Ghaleb, Spartak, Corey, Tak and Luyanda

We want to say thank you to Tak and Marcus who stepped in when Lewis was off school poorly so wasn't available to play in goal.

The player of the day was Corey. Well done Corey. You listened well and played with real determination


Today we held a thoughtful assembly. Please see some photos/documents below of each classes contribution

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